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Title : Kids enjoying The Lion King movie

Hakuna Matata means no worries 
Kids enjoying The Lion King movie 🤩🤩🤩

Title : Childern enjoying lemonade party

Hot ..Hot ..summers🌞🌝🌝🔥children enjoying..💑👍Cool ...🥤🍷🍹lemonade 🍋🍋

Title : Parents Orientation Program for Class I

Parents Orientation Program for Class I

Orientation programme was organized on 28.3.16 to give an insight of the curriculum and other areas relevant to class I. The idea of organizing the event was to strengthen the bond between the parents and the school to make parents realize that they are the partners in progress of the child. All the details like conducting morning assemblies, day?s schedule, almanac, uniform, activities conducted, DEAR and CIRCLE time were discussed. Students also gave the glimpse of the activities like finger story, poem, rhythmic stories and tuk bandi?s. The Principal Mam Ms Rajbir Kaur addressed the audience and shared tips with parents how to groom up children at home. The session was very interactive and enriching. Parents appreciated the efforts of the teachers.                  


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